Our vision is for Birchley St. Mary’s School to be a happy place, where we live, love, learn and work together in the light of the example set by Jesus.

We are a one class entry school with 214 pupils on role. We are situated in a village located between the towns of St Helens and Wigan ­ big rugby league towns.

We are close to the East Lancs Road that contacts Liverpool and Manchester

We have 10 teachers and 7 teaching support staff.

Head teacher ­ Mr Leake

Deputy Head ­ Mr J Barnes

Head of Infants ­ Mrs J Talbot-Davies

Classroom Teachers

Mrs A Hymers

Mrs K Orlandi

Mrs S Neild

Miss C Pilling

Miss J Dutton

Mrs J Devers

Mrs J Duffy

Support Staff

Mrs P Webster

Mrs V O’Donoghue

Mrs R Veivers

Mrs C Kennedy

Mrs D Clark

Mrs M Fairchild

Miss J Grundy

Office Staff

Mrs M Bottell

Mrs J Cunliffe


Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Birchley Road


Nr Wigan


01744 892304