Boy oh Boy, I had a busy day on Thursday!


During the day I joined in a drum lesson. The rhythm was fantastic!

I kept time to the beat using my flag. Can you see me?

If you would like to have a listen, click here

Later on I visited the After School Care Club and found that there was another Paddington Bear already there! He told me that the school also has a Breakfast Club and asked if I had been to that yet. Iím afraid it was too early in the morning for me ≠ he told me that it starts at 7:30am! Iím still snoring away at that time but decided I would make the effort to get up early on Friday to take a look.

Next I dashed out side for a quick a game of football before making my way upstairs to the Cyberlab for Press Pack.


Children can become a member of the Press Pack and stay after school on a Thursday to put together their reports. They work hard during the week collecting interviews, carrying out research, running competitions and taking photographs for their reports.

It all adds up to a right good read ≠ and guess who it featured in their next issue!

After Press Pack I met up with the Rainbows. They were having a special end of term party in the Infant Hall and had a bouncy castle† - in the HALL! There was lots of lovely grub as well.

Then the Brownies arrived and they gave me a really special cuddle.

And it didnít end there ≠ the Guides turned up and were just as pleased to see me.

I was about ready for my bed by now and looking forward to snuggling up in my tent with Birchley Bear but some mums got hold of me and I was included in their netball game.

They said I could be Goal Keeper. Can you see where they put me?!!

I was worn out after that lot and decided I wonít be able to make it to Breakfast Club after all.