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Jokes for Nausicaa


This an old and long lost relative of Aunt Lucy!
He is kept in Peru and hidden
as he has bad habits!

What fish only swims at night??

A starfish!

Which fish go to heaven when they die??

Angel Fish!

We had to rescue Paddinton from a this tree on Tuesday. Apparently he was trying to find his
other wellington

What do you get when you cross a salmon, a bird and a hand??

A birdshigh fish finger!

Here is our newspaper report on the trip to France on Wednesday.
We took this photo of Paddington, and are
happy to report that although he was very
frightened because he believed this
hippo wastepaper bin was actually eating his
wellies, he woke up and found it was only a
nightmare after he had eaten too many mussels
in Boulogne.

And finally -

What kind of fish
goes well with

One of these!
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