on to Tuesday

I arrived this morning at about 9.15am, and the first person I met was the Headteacher, her name is Mrs Lambert. I was very nervous, but I am getting more used to being in schools now and that is a GOOD THING. She took me round to all the classes to introduce me to the children.
Then - she left me to find my way to Class 6VS. When I got to the door, there was a notice which said "We are busy just now with Literacy Hour - Please do not disturb!" Oh no!

Well, I plucked up courage and went in anyway ---------

Year 6 were so busy that they hardly had time to notice that I had arrived. Their teacher asked me to help keep an eye on them for half an hour as they were practising for their SATS exams.
Hmmmm - I hope all my week here won't be like this!

I am looking forward to Wednesday because I am going to France for the day!

After break I went to the ICT room.

Here I am on the left, learning some French for our trip.

If you would like to see more about my french lessons please click on the picture
for our Pilote Page.

After all my hard work, the kind children in Class 3/4SH thought I deserved a PARTY!
That's more like it!!! "Thankyou" I said, "I would be delighted."

We played some games, ate lots of party food - including marmalade sandwiches of course - and I am really beginning to think I must be quite famous, because the local paper came out specially to take my photo! (I hope it doesn't sound as if I am boasting, I am usually a very modest bear).

Here are some pictures of the do -all the pictures on this page are thumbnails, so if you would like to see them in more detail please click on the photos.

After the lovely party, I said "Thankyou very much " to the children and their teacher and helpers.

The last super thing to happen was an invitation to join the girls at DanceWise, their Monday after school club. As you can see, I had to undo my coat as I got rather hot!!! I am obviously not as fit as I thought I was! Dancing in wellies wasn't too easy either!

YAWN! well, I'm really ready to go off to bed now.
See you tomorrow. xxx


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