French Lessons
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Now then, here I am, learning a bit more French, in preparation for my visit to the sealife centre Nausicaa on Wednesday. I was really lucky because today was the day that
Kent LEA french teacher Miss Rumley chose to show her new
interactive CD-rom called Pilote to a school.
The class that saw it were really pleased as they thought that learning french would be easy and fun from now on!

I watched some videos on the laptop which taught me all kinds of new things about colours and dates and animals and numbers,then I was allowed to play some games - the letters of my name sound really strange in French!

Moi ?
Je m'appelle Paddington

Mr and Mrs Brown (my adopted family in London) will be pleased with me cos I have been trying hard with my work - - they will be surprised.

my coat is - bleu
my hat is- rouge
my eyes - orange et noir


You can see me here being taught by Miss Rumley about her new programme, while the Headteacher and a visitor from the Kent LEA look on to see if they approve..

Moi ? J'aime Pilote.

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