on to Fri
Today, Class 3/4MD wanted me to join
them on their visit to
Canterbury Cathedral.
"Thankyou," I said,
and hopped onto the coach.

The cathedral is Sooo HUGE that even up on my friend's shoulders it was much bigger than me. I couldn't begin to see the top of the tower!
I was quite dizzy from peering up
and had a rest by the gate.

I went on a wonderful tour all over the building, it is breathtaking.
Of course I couldn't take any pictures inside, but I did buy a guide book
if you would like to borrow it.

While I was having my sandwiches I was honoured to meet Bishop Stephen.

Click on the picture of me with the Bishop if you would like to see it closer.

Just by the Cathedral gate I found a little shop with some bears in the window. I thought they might be long lost relatives, but they are Archbishop Bears, and a bit grander than me and Aunt Lucy.

Drag your mouse over the picture and you will see me inside the shop.

We went to the shop with Rvd. Jones. I couldn't reach the counter to pay for my guide book and badge, but a friend soon helped me.
Last of all, I found the refreshments!
The end of another day, so off to bed. Hope to see you tomorrow. xxx
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