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Well now, I was told that today would be a nice easy day, just watching the children of Bybrook going about their ordinary Tuesday activities.

Hmm, I am not too sure about "easy" - I started off in
Literacy Hour with Class 5/6ES - and guess what? They asked me to teach them all about Peru. I hope I did a good job?


Next was Numeracy Hour - below are two pictures of me trying to show that I am good with a calculator. (Actually, I got quite a few sums wrong, but don't tell anyone please).
Pull your mouse across the picture below to see them both.


I went for a look at the secret lunchtime club - I know only special and certain people are allowed to join in, so I guess I am now a special and certain bear.

If you would like to have a quick peek, click on the Robot Guard below - but enter at your own risk!

I was very excited after break when I realised that the band was getting ready
to play in Assembly.
Some of the children had made me some pan-pipes, just like the ones I used to play in Peru so that I could join in with the hymns.They even got the South American rain-stick out so that
I would feel at home.
Click on the pictures if you want to see me playing in more detail.


At lunch time I made friends with two of the girls from Year 6 who spent ages making me this beautiful daisy chain.
Then I had a bit of one-to-one reading . I thought the letter P in my pocket stood for Paddington, but my new little friend insisted it was a P for penguin!

At the end of the afternoon I played games outside with Class 3/4DA, I thought the girls were a bit rough, but the boys were definitely ok! I'm not sure what we were playing,
I think Mr Alexander made it up, but it was fun.

After school I tried to be helpful . Cath and Carol gave me some rubber gloves and I dusted the book cases, leaving them with all the easy work. It was nice of them to let me play.

So much for my
"easy" day!
I shall be tucked up in bed early tonight, cos tomorrow I am going through the Channel Tunnel to France!

Just think of all those big fish swimming above my head - no - better not to think about it!

Night Night xxx

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