My visit to France was kindly sponsored by Eurotunnel & Nausicaa.
on to Thurs
I had to get up early this morning as I was setting off with the children of Class 6VS on the
coach to Folkestone. It was not too far to go, but we had to be early at the Channel Tunnel
terminal to catch the 09.21 shuttle. I had changed some of my pocket money for Euros and was
very curious about the journey.

We drove the coach straight on to the shuttle, here we are
actually inside the train
and speeding under the
channel at 140mph.
It made our ears pop!

I was lucky to get a good
look at the engine that pulls
the huge car and coach wagons.

And there we were - in France! - quick as a wink.

Bonjour tout le monde, ca va?

We drove to Boulogne to the magical sealife centre Nausicaa.

I met hundreds of fish in the darkness, all lit up - some tropical and deep-sea fish too.

Here I am talking to a huge wrasse, and then I met a sealion out in the sun

If you drag your mouse across the picture you can see them both.

Here are some tuna suspended above my head in thousands of litres of water
- now how did they build that tank?
- also ..sharks....
oooohh la la !!

If you drag your mouse across the picture
you can see the white shark.
was I scared? well ........maybe


Later on we all went
shopping at
Cite Europe.
I spent all my euros. I had never seen euros before, so I have popped a picture in my diary to remind me.

I bought some moules, garlic and french bread to make mussel soup, but couldn't afford this tuna!

My shopping photos are thumbnails, please click on them if you would like to see the big ones.

Wow, what a day! - Me and my friends from Class6VS would like to say a big thankyou to Camille from Eurotunnel and Christine from Nausicaa for arranging our exciting visit.

Oh, by the way, don't tell everybody, but I got checked out by the security guards
on Le Shuttle on the way home - but apparently they thought I was ok.
Click here if you would like a peek at my almost scary moment photo.

See you tomorrow, and dormez bien. xxx
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