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Friday 26th April 2002

Good! Just enough, I hope they will have a new supply of marmalade at Wells Central Junior School, when I arrive there on Monday morning.

Here's what happened on Friday.

Year 5 Stories I left my mark!
Pandas Book of Memories The Story of a Painting

Year 5 Stories

The Y5 children had been very busy all week and were often to be seen borrowing books about me from different places around the school so as to get their pictures just right.  By today their books were finished and they were able to read them to the children in some of the younger classes.  

Year 5 children reading to the Pandas

Here is one of their books for you to read if you want to!  

Paddington Adventure Story by Year 5

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Pandas Book of Memories

The Pandas decided they wanted to make a book of their own and so they all drew their favourite memory of my week at Camelsdale and put them together to make “Our Book of Memories From Paddington’s Visit”.  

Here are a couple of the pages, click on the thumbnails to see the full size versions.

        fri_pan_pic1.jpg (96816 bytes)         fri_pan_pic2.jpg (87605 bytes)

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I left my mark!

I was sad to be leaving Camelsdale but at least they have a little memento to remember me by!

The Story of a Painting

Click here to see the painting on Friday - Fridays Painting 

For the full Story of the Painting click here.

Next stop Somerset – I wonder what adventures await me there!

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Camelsdale First School 22nd - 26th April 2002