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Monday 22nd April 2002

On this page of my dairy you will find the following sections: -

My Arrival at Camelsdale I Star in a Flash Movie
Camelsdale's Paddington Song Lunch
I Met Two Bears My afternoon with the Pandas
My Accommodation The Story of a Painting

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My Arrival

I arrived at Camelsdale First School just in time for assembly and they even let me light the staff candle on the assembly wreath!  

All the school children and the teachers had brought along their own teddy bears so that I would have plenty of company and all their bears had labels on saying where they would like to pretend that they came from.  The children all knew three things about the place on their label, it was all very interesting.  Even a well-travelled bear like myself still has plenty to learn about the world, it seems!   

Paddington Song

Then, to my delight, I was told the children had learnt a song about me that their Mr. Wilson had written especially for my visit.  If you click on the photograph  you can hear them singing it to me!  (If itís a bit jumpy the first time you listen to it just play it through again.) 

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I Met Two Bears

Here is a picture of the biggest and the smallest bears in school today.  (The smallest bear is sitting on my boot Ė in case you failed to spot it!)Some of the Pandas thought that must make me the middle-est bear but I wasnít absolutely sure about that.  

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I was to spend the rest of the day in the Reception Class with the Pandas and the first thing they wanted to do was to show me the accommodation they had prepared for me.  

 My Accommodation

I tried out the bed and decided that it was all MOST suitable!  

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I Star in a Flash Movie

During the rest of the day I helped the pandas make up an amazingly exciting space adventure story in which I was the star.  The children did some great pictures and recorded all the words and then one of the Dads helped them turn it into a Flash movie. 

Paddington drawn by Reece

The Space Ship drawn by Callum 

The Alien planet drawn by Abigail

Mr Scott, the Dad who helped turn the pictures into the movie, popped back lots of times during the week so that the Pandas could make sure the story was right. The children helped him and also saw the movie at each stage of its production.      

Click on the button to play the movie.

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The children and their teddies all had lunch outside, but nobody seemed to have brought any marmalade sandwiches.

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My Afternoon with the Pandas

In the afternoon I helped this little girl send an email to her Granddad and then she helped me send one to Great Aunt Isobella.

Then I got to play outside on the ride-ons!

By the time the children went home I was very tired and they settled me to bed before leaving.  One or two kind souls peeked through the windows to check I was quite alright before they finally left.

The Story of a Painting

During lunch play one of the mums wanted to draw me and said she was planning a painting of me at Camelsdale School.  I had to stand very still but it turned out I was extremely good at this!

Click here to see  Mondays stage of the painting - Mondays Painting.


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Camelsdale First School 22nd - 26th April 2002