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Thursday 25th April 2002

I hope this marmalade is going to last until the end of the week!

Here are some of the things I did with the children on Thursday.

My Morning with the Polar Bears Working with the Whales
Stories about me by the Polar Bears The Story of a Painting

My Morning with the Polar Bears

The Polar Bears, Year 1, had asked me to visit them on Thursday, as they wanted to show me the wonderful school grounds.  I particularly liked the Environmental Area although I did think as I was the guest they might have made room for me to have a look too!  

Then they showed me the brand new school maze, which had only just been finished.  It all seemed a little large to me, but totally amazing!  

There was time for rest when we got back to the classroom and one of my new friends even offered to read me a story about me, of course!


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  The Polar Bears wrote some stories about me 

Here are two of them


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Working with The Whales

The Whales, Y4, called me in later to give them a hand.  They were trying to find out as much as they could about Peru in half an hour and there is nothing quite like first paw experience.  Some were looking things up in books.

Others were using the computers.  They even found some pictures of me in Peru!  

The three most interesting things they found out were: -

1.     They have spectacled bears (endangered) and they have llamas.

2.     They have the Andes Mountain Range

3.      Peru is in South America.

The Story of a Painting

Click here to see how the painting has developed on Thursday - Thursdays painting

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Camelsdale First School 22nd - 26th April 2002