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Tuesday 23rd April 2002

Tuesday morning started with porridge.  (I didnít like to mention it but this was now the second day with no marmalade sandwiches.)

A Visit to the Library Lunch with the Playgroup
A Visit to Mrs Bond Working with Year 5
The Herbs The Story of a Painting

A Visit to the Library

The Pandas had arranged a trip out for me and soon we all set off to walk to the library.  Not only did Dolores, the library lady, read us a story (about ME, you know!) but she also gave me a jar of marmalade.  (At last!)

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We Also Visited Mrs Bond

We went on to visit a lovely lady called Mrs. Bond who showed us the desk at which Michael Bond had written many wonderful stories about me. She answered all the children's questions and showed them lots of stuff about me!

There is a big statue of me in Paddington Station these days and Mrs Bond had a little statue of me.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I learnt that Aunt Lucy was visiting Mrs. Bond too!  The Pandas said the other bears must have been my cousins and there certainly seems to be a family resemblance.

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The Herbs

Did you know that the Bonds made up those stories and songs about The Herbs too?  I think I used to know it, but I havenít known it lately.

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Lunch with the Playgroup Children

Back at school, the children from playgroup came to join us all for lunch.  I got lots of cuddles but I am not sure that all of them were quite sure which way up I am supposed to go.

Working with Year 5

I spent the afternoon with the two Y5 classes, the Turtles and the Wolves.  They wanted to have a go at writing stories about me using the story starters that the Oaktree School in Woking had put on the website.  I think my presence was quite an inspiration to them.

The Story of a Painting

Click here to see how the painting is coming along Tuesday Painting

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Camelsdale First School 22nd - 26th April 2002