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Wednesday 24th April 2002

I started my day in my favourite way, marmalade sandwiches! Thanks to that kind lady at the Library.

Here are some of the other things I did with the children on Wednesday.

Walk to Marley Common Postcards
Working with the Elephants The Story of a Painting

Walk to Marley Common

Wednesday began with another walk but this time the WHOLE SCHOOL came!  We went up onto Marley Common to see how it has changed since the last time the whole school went for a walk there back in the autumn.  

The Cheetahs, Y2, took turns to carry me as my legs got rather tired after a while.

I couldn't help thinking to myself there certainly are a few more children at Camelsdale than at Lethnot Primary School where I was just a few weeks ago!


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Working with the Elephants

I was needed in the Elephants class, Y3, after that as they were learning how to write postcards.  I travel so much these days that I am used to sending postcards and so I think I was quite a help, yet again!

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Here are some of the postcards

The Story of a Painting

Click here to see how  the artist is getting on with the painting - Wednesdays Painting

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Camelsdale First School 22nd - 26th April 2002