Our trip to Beckenham Cemetery

We are studying the Victorians and we were hoping to see some Victorian graves. Popular style s we spotted included draped urns, crosses with ivy and broken columns. Draped urns symbolise death. Ivy means immortality or undying (evergreen) friendship. Columns, usually broken, represent mortality. We also saw books, anchors and laurel. We went to see Jadeís(a girl in my class) Mum. Her grave looked almost like a Roman temple made of marble in a little garden with flowers and a marble bench. It also had two vases on either side to put flowers in.

Azalia Lawrence

The urn, if it has flames coming out of it, means new life, if it doesnít, then it means death. We all had a really good time. There were quite a few tears but we all changed our tears to smiles when we found Thomas Crapper, the famous inventorís grave. It was a really great day out.

Holly Whelan

Some of the gravestones were broken which was a shame I thought. Some of them were old and some of them were new with white marble. I also saw some gravestones with missing letters and I was told that, in Japan, they clean and carve in the letters every year, which I thought was a very good idea. There were some beautiful graves with lovely flowers on them. I enjoyed going to the cemetery, I thought it was a good trip.

Laura Chapman

When we were there we saw quite a few funerals because there was a church. It was a good experience because some of us hadnít been to a graveyard before.

Sarah Middleton-Jones

We went to see my mummyís mausoleum. It has a poem on the side, an arch and fencing, two rockeries, a bench, a birdbath, and lots and lots of plants, slate and pebbles! Thatís the grave that meant a lot to me because I love her so much. Also I liked the one which contained 5 soldiers from the Second World War. We saw many graves and statues in memory of people. I had a wonderful day. I got a bit upset but Paddington gave me a hug and I felt much better

Jade Nurthen

We saw Thomas Crapperís grave. He was a famous Victorian who invented the flush toilet. He died on Jan 27th 1910.

We saw Jadeís mumís grave. It was the most beautiful grave I had ever seen. The colour of it was very light grey and it was made out of marble. It had a very nice poem on the side that her dad made up. I felt really sorry for Jade but surprised that she was so brave.

I felt sad about all of the graves, how people didnít keep the graves clean. I think the

relatives should keep them clean, or a friend of the person who died. If it was a very small graveyard I think they should hire someone to look after the graves.

Megan Leppard


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