Our journey to Beckenham Cemetery

On 10th May 2002 Paddington Bear and Year Six of Croham Hurst School went by tram to Beckenham Cemetery. It is very convenient for us to go by tram as we have a stop just down the road from our school. We took the first tram to Sandilands and then swapped trams to go to Birkbeck. We then walked to the main entrance of the cemetery.

Azalia Lawrence

While we were on the tram, I was looking out of the window. The view was beautiful and I even managed to see a rabbit. On two of the trams I went on I managed to get 3 free blue pens. This is because on two of the trams we had to fill in a questionnaire about the trams and they gave us free pens to write with. At first I only had two but Sara, my best friend, gave me another one.

Dionne Abadoo

When we walked back to the tram stop, we had to wait quite a while for the tram to come. There was an electronic panel which told you what the next tram was and how many minutes away it was. When the tram arrived we got on and again we were given a passenger survey card which had questions like: When did you get on? What is your destination? How old are you?

It was a really good trip and we were all quite tired but it was worth it.

Nicola Hughes

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