The trams came to Croydon in 2000. We have three lines: New Addington, Elmers End-Wimbledon and Beckenham Junction. The trams are usually red unless they are advertising something. They come to the stops every few minutes so you never have to wait a long time. Inside a tram there are groups of material-covered seats which are quite comfortable. There are also bars with bells on them you can press if you want the tram to stop at the next stop. Trams go quite fast but they don’t go too fast. There is also plenty of space for mums with pushchairs and people in wheelchairs. Attached to the ceiling there are hand straps for you to hold on to. Trams are very well designed.

Zoe Holloway

                  Travelling on Trams in Croydon

We travelled to Beckenham Cemetery with Paddington Bear by tram. We first went to Sandilands then to Beckenham.

         The trams are a new mode of transport in Croydon. They are like trains except trains are a bit faster. Trams cross over roads and you can see them whilst you are driving in your cars.

         The Croydon Tramlink has been going for about 2 years. It’s a very good way of getting around.

         The trams carry around 200 passengers and can go as far as Wimbledon, New Addington and Beckenham.

         We are all very proud of our new mode of transport.

We went on a tram to Beckenham Crematorium. The trams have been running for 2 years. They open very early in the morning and close late at night. The trams are very clean and reliable. Trams are good for the environment as they can carry up to 200 passengers at a time. The government is talking of extending the Tramlink as far as Coulsdon, Sutton and Crystal Palace.

Gemma O’Farrell

In the year 2000, tracks were laid for the trams to run along. These tracks go through Croydon. There are lots of different routes on which the trams run. Just before the tram doors open sideways, there is a beeping noise to help blind people and also just before the doors close. The tram is made up of two carriages which can carry 200 people altogether. Lots of people have stopped using cars to use trams. There is a tram stop just near our school so now we can go on a lot more school trips. Our stop is called Lloyd Park. It runs to East and West Croydon, stopping at a number of different stops. It is a good system. Sometimes my mum and me take the tram to East Croydon and go shopping instead of using the car. Inside the tram there are lots of seats. The walls are usually white and they have adverts on them. Also the seats are very comfortable. We are very lucky to have the trams and I really enjoy using them.

Holly Whelan

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