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Paddington arrives

I arrived in the middle of the morning at Lidget Green Primary School. The Year 4 children were waiting to meet me. They had been finding out things about me so that they could introduce me properly to the rest of the school. They knew all about my charity work with Action Research and they had even gone to the trouble of finding out what my favourite TV programme was. If you want to know more, why donít you look at my website

In every class I visited, I was given points by the teachers for being a polite, well-behaved bear. I wondered what these points were for until the children explained that I needed to collect points to go to another planet and get a badge and a prize and that there is always a special assembly on Fridays for children changing planets. I think I am going to be very good and try to get to the Moon.


Lunchtimes are good at Lidget Green Primary School. First I had a super lunch and made some new friends. Fakhruddin warned me which teachers might try to pinch my dinner. Then I went to a Lunchtime Club organized by the Learning Mentors, we played lots of games my favourite is Grumpy Frog. If you want to know how to play Grumpy Frog, click here.

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Year 6 Internet Research

Year 6 took me to ICT and together we learnt lots of things about Peru. I showed them my holiday photos and then we searched the Internet using Yahooligans to find out things. We even found out things I didnít know. I knew that people speak Spanish in Peru, but I didnít know that some people spoke Quechua as well. Did you know that the names we call some animals are Quechua words? Llama, condor and puma are all Quechua words.