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I started the day in the usual way at Breakfast Club. I can understand why so many children come to it regularly. There were 50 children here today. I was so busy making things, I never got the chance to play Table Football.


I spent the morning with the Nursery children, but we didnít spend much time playing in the Nursery. Instead we went shopping. It was very cold and I was glad I had my hat. We went to the Co-op, the Post Office and the bakers. I helped them to choose some marmalade to make sandwiches for snack.


An afternoon with Year 5

There are three Year 5 class at Lidget Green Primary School, so I had a very busy afternoon. Knowing that I come from Darkest Peru originally, they asked me to teach them some Spanish. I taught them different greetings and some numbers. We did a Mexican wave to practise the numbers. 5P learnt them very quickly, but Mrs Ioanna tried to cheat and change places to a number she could remember.

Hola. ŅComo te llamas? ó Me llamo Paddington.

Bull Tag

After school on Thursdays, children can learn how to play Bull Tag. This is a bit like rugby and involves getting very muddy.

I was glad that they didnít drop me. I didnít want to get into trouble with the Caretaker for getting mud on the new carpets.