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Breakfast Club

Every day there is a Breakfast Club at Lidget Green Primary School, where children can come for up to an hour before school starts. They can get toast, cereal, fruit, juice or hot drink and then have the chance to play games, make things or just chat with their friends. Today they decided to make marmalade sandwiches just for me. I stayed with them to give them my expert opinion; I liked the lime marmalade in brown bread the best.


I also was challenged to a game of snooker but I got told off for getting my Wellingtons on the table.

What a scare!

It was just as well that I had plenty of sandwiches because I had a bit of a scare but it all turned out alright in the end. You see, Lidget Green Primary School were sponsoring a children’s’ home called NCH. Their mascot is a Dragon called Cedric and guess what…I was introduced to Cedric by a lady that came from the home called Miss Riley. We shook hands and soon me and Cedric became very good friends. I hope we see each other again.

A quiet time in Reception

After being cuddled by a dragon, it was good to go to Reception for some peace and quiet. When I got there I was a bit worried to hear that they were going on a Bear Hunt and baking bears. But it turned out that they were looking for bear faces with letters on and making sugar bears. I helped them to make the word and eat the bears. I was surprised to see just how many bear activities they had.


Mrs Jones gave me a job as a Playground Buddy, I had a yellow jacket with Buddy on the back and went to work teaching the children games. They taught me some and I promised that I would teach them some Spanish games so if you want to learn them too, click here.

Meet the Bears

After Lunch, Year 2 introduced me to the other bears who live in Lidget Green Primary School. I think they are probably more well travelled than I am. They told me all about their travels to Australia, Singapore and the Amazon. They are going on even more travels soon, to Amsterdam and Spain.

News from Great Aunt Isobella

This evening I got an email from my Great Aunt Isobella, she is always keeping her eye open for news of her favourite nephew and she spotted an article about me on the BBC Bradford site BBC Bradford - Skool Roolz!