Grumpy Frog

Grumpy Frog is a game for any number of players. One person is the Grumpy Frog, and stands in the middle of the circle.

The others chant this rhyme

Grumpy Frog, Grumpy Frog

May we sit upon your log.

To this Grumpy Frog replies

Yes but only if you

(for example, are wearing red Wellingtons)

If you are wearing red Wellingtons, you take one frog-like jump towards Grumpy Frog.

The first person to get to Grumpy Frog becomes the next Grumpy Frog.

Pelota pared (Wall ball)

Equipment: A tennis ball and chalk.
Rules: A line parallel to the floor is drawn on the wall with the chalk about one metre up from the ground.
Every player has a number.

The player with the number one has to bounce the ball on the floor and hit it with his hand throwing the ball against the wall calling another number.

The player who has the called number has to hit the ball before it bounces twice on the ground and call another number, and so on.
A player fails if he isn't able to hit the ball before the second bounce or if the ball hits the wall below the line drawn on it.

When a player fails he is out. The last player is the winner.