Paddington and the weird present


Natasha - aged 7

One Tuesday afternoon Paddington was excited because it was Jonathan's birthday but he didn't know what to get as a present. He set off to go to the Sandwich Shop.

First, he went into the shop in search of some sandwiches. Then suddenly Paddington set eyes on something. Two large, orange, sticky marmalade sandwiches! He got hold of them and took them to the counter. He charged through all the other customers like a train CHOO Chooooo! "1.50, please" muttered the shop keeper. Paddington gave in 2.00 and left without his change.

When he got back home, he gave the sandwiches to Jonathan. "Here you are" said Paddington. "Er, thank you" said Jonathan.

Mr Brown saw what Paddington had given Jonathan and quickly took Paddington to the toy shop and bought a toy and then Paddington gave that to Jonathan too! "Thank you, Paddington!" said Jonathan.


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