Paddington goes fishing


Aidan - aged 6

One day Paddington decided to go fishing. He took out the fishing rod and . . . oops he was tied up in the line in no time! He got to the fishing place at about 1 o'clock and first he thought he would have a snack - a marmalade sandwich. Yum-yum, very tasty!

This was the very first time he had gone fishing. He chucked the rod into the water but he was still holding on. HELP!! He was off!

Zooming over the water like a shooting star! His hat flying off his head!

"Ouch! That hurt!" he said, "Phew that was hard!" but he had caught a fish! He gave it to Mr Brown. "Can I catch another fish?" said Paddington. "I think that is enough fishing for today" said Mr Brown. The End.


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