Paddington visits Sandy Bay



One sunny morning Paddington Bear was really bursting to take a little trip to the beach. Judy and Jonathan also really wanted to go, so Mr Brown had no choice. He was just going to have to take them!

Judy and Jonathan were over-joyed. They couldn't wait. First, they went to buy Paddington a new sun-hat. They chose a brown stripy one and also got a bucket and spade. Finally, they were off!

Paddington had never been to the seaside so he was quite nervous.

They went to a beach called Sandy Bay Holiday Beach. First, Paddington decided to catch a few golden starfish but he wasn't having much luck! Suddenly Judy and Jonathan came running saying they had found a treasure map. Soon Paddington was helping them to find the treasure. When they found the treasure they found out it was a fishing net. "Hooray" said Paddington "Just what I wanted to go fishing!"

Finally, Paddington caught a gold starfish and showed it to Mrs Brown who said "Ooh what a lovely starfish." Then they let it go and Paddington said "Shall we go home now? I'm quite tired out after that busy day."


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