Pasty Day

Today I got the chance to experience a proper Cornish treat. It was Cornish Pasty day.

In the morning I joined Class 4 on their visit to Margaret the school cook as she was making Cornish Pasties for our lunch. I've seen lots of interesting foods being cooked in Peru but it was the first time I had seen a Cornish pasty being made.

It was interesting to see Margaret shape and make the pasty

After my visit ot the kitchen I went and saw what Class 2 were doing. They were creating stories for Classes 3 and 4. They were writing and drawing cartoon stories where all the characters were pasty people. I had a go at drawing but I need to practice more.

I decided to give up drawing and have a look at some of the children's work

My Pasty Lunch

I found out that the Cornish Pasty was what the miners used to eat long, long ago. The traditional pasty had meat and vegetables at one end and fruit or jam at the other. You don't find those in the shops now. Margaret made me a special pasty. Yes it had MARMALADE in it. It was lovely!

I sat with some of my friends from Class 1 to eat my pasty. I am going to make sure I can find some one to make me another proper pasty before I go back to Peru.

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