My visit to see the Tam Tam Theatre performance in the village hall

After I had my lunch I joined Class 2 and the rest of the school to walk down to village hall to watch a puppet show. We were going to see 'The Tiger Child'.

This is me with two of my friends from Class 2 as we leave school. They were very kind and carried me part of the way.

Here I am watching 'The Tiger Child' by the Tam Tam Theatre Company. The story is all about a tiger cub who wants to leave the the jungle to see the festival of Divali in the nearby village.

Class 4 - the Year 1 and Reception children really enjoyed the show.

After the show I met Marleen the puppeteer and the Tiger Child. We had a chat and Marleen told me about how she works and the show.

When no one was about the Tiger Child and I had a talk. He told me how he and the theatre also were travelling around the country visiting schools.

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