Horses, High Towers and Punk Rockers!

Today was my last day at Wells and I met some very strange people!

I had such a shock when the children came in, they didn't look anything like my friends at all.

They were dressed in strange clothes, a couple of them looked very fierce so I stayed out of their way.
The children told me it was MUFTI day, I said I didn't have a Mufti with me as far as I knew.

They told me it was a day for dressing up and as it was the week of the Queen's visit, they were dressed up in costumes from the last fifty years. Which explained all the people with funny coloured hair, long wigs and ripped shirts!

I had to help Kaori, a Japanese visitor to the school, to present the prizes.


When I got outside I thought that some children had dressed up as a horse until someone explained
that Mrs Baby (one of the supply teachers) had brought her horse in especially for me to have a ride on.
It was very high up there and I really should have been wearing a riding helmet,
but Afrika was very gentle, he could see I was a novice rider.

It was time for assembly so off I went with 3CH. Mr Turner, the Head teacher, shook hands
with me in front of the whole school and said he was so pleased I had been to visit Wells Central.

When that was over, it was time for our trip to Wells and the children had promised me something exciting.
Hmm I wondered what it could be.
I soon found out when we stopped in front of this!

We are going to take you to the top of our church tower so that you can see the whole of Wells they said.

I took a deep breath and wondered if I should ask for a parachute!

We stopped for a bit of a rest on the way up in the ringing room. Mrs Jenkins showed me how to pull the ropes properly so you don't end up flying through the air! They were to heavy for me to pull on my own.
A few steps further up was the bell tower going up and just as we got there the clock struck 10.45, it was so loud!
It made all our feet jump off the ground and my hat fell off.
I can tell you my coat toggles really rattled!!!!

Luckily for me I had an expert to look after me - Special Agent 007 was undercover for the day and he held on tight to me as we looked out over Wells. I waved to my very small friends down on the ground.


Next stop the Mosaic of the Worminster Dragon by the moat that goes around the Bishops Palace, some of the children at Wells Central helped to make it.

If you click on the picture you can read the scary story of the Worminster Dragon.

When I got back to school the children helped me with my diary, its hard work on the paws when you have so much to write about.

Sadly it was time to say good-bye.

All my friends in year three waved me off and wished me luck at my next school in Croydon. They made sure I had the sunflower seeds to plant and of course my special PJ's.


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