Gardening Club

It had been such a busy time on Wednesday, I was glad when when the bell went.
I was just closing my eyes for a rest when a voice said
" Come on Paddington, I'm taking you to Gardening Club" So I popped my wellies back on and off I went.

First of all we made some pots out of newspaper to plant seeds in I have to admit getting my paws round that was a bit of a problem. Eventually I managed to make one - everyone else made about seven!

I got covered in compost as we planted up the pots with seeds.Then this big pot arrived on the table.We filled it up with seed compost and I wondered what we were going to plant in such a huge pot.

One of the gardeners showed me a small plant "This is for you to plant" she said with a smile.

She helped me plant it carefully and water it. It looked a bit small in such a big pot.
"What is it going to grow into?" I asked

Guess what they told me it was - an ORANGE Tree!!!

So I can grow my own marmalade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I was really excited,
until Miss Smailes, the Gardening Club teacher, said it wouldn't be quite ready to pick oranges by Friday.

All the children in Gardening Club have promised to look after it for me and let me know when they oranges are ready to pick!

My next job was to put some sunflower seeds in an envelope for me to take to my next school, now I'm an experienced gardener I can show them how to do it!

We went for a walk around their garden.

Its a special garden for butterflies and its got a willow frame woven around it shaped like a butterfly. I was very impressed when they told me that some volunteers from the BTCV had helped them to make it.

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