The Jubilee Visit

It was Thursday - the day the was Queen arriving- I got up especially early and gave my fur a really good brush. One of my new friends was going to present the Queen with a posy when she landed in her helicopter, so I gave her a few tips on what to do when you meet someone famous!

Most of the school walked to the Athletic Ground to wait for her helicopter to land.

There were so many people there, we all cheered and waved our flags as the Queen and Prince Philip climbed out of the helicopter.

The Queen gave me a quick wave before
she and the Duke of Edinburgh drove off in an enormous car


When the Queen drove off towards the town centre these two policemen who were guarding the helicopter kindly let me have a look around.

I couldn't stay for long, I had to quickly change my clothes and dash up to the Cathedral Green to get there before the Queen arrived ready for my Jubilee dance.
My school was dancing right in front of the cathedral and hundreds of people were watching us.
I felt very important!

We danced and danced in front of hundreds of people, when the Queen arrived with the Mayor and the Dean of the cathedral everyone cheered.

The Queen was smiling as she came over to our school and I found out afterwards why that was.

She had noticed me dancing with my partners and she said to the Mayor:" That must be difficult dancing with a bear"He answered "It's OK Ma'am, I think the bear's got the hang of it" and that was what made her laugh!


She walked around and spoke to the children and said she was enjoying the dancing.

The Queen listened to the Cathedral choir singing a special anthem then she walked down past us again and I gave her a final big wave with my flag.

When she had gone we walked down under Penniless Porch and into the square, where there were more exciting things to see.

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