I was fast asleep when suddenly there was a snip snip of some scissors digging into the box!
I fell silent. I put my marmalade back in the envelope and listened.
Suddenly before you could say marmalade sandwiches a sharp blade made a hole in the box.
I felt really scared.

I licked my sticky paws and covered some soft papery stuff over myself to hide me.
But I didn’t feel so scared when I saw a lovely smiley face peer into the box.
I calmed myself down and got ready to be picked out of my box.

When I was finally out of my box, I saw a whole load of children!
They were all so amazed to hear and see where I had already travelled.

I smiled proudly.

I had a great morning at Wells Central Junior School showing them all the treasures I had collected from my travels.
They were very impressed with my kilt and I had to admit I do look extremely smart in it.
Some of them go to French Club so they were very interested to see my Euro currency.

I tried my hand out at some English games in Mrs Sidaway's classroom.Its just been painted in a lovely bright yellow, it looks really sunny and my friends were having a great time in there.
I was helping Mrs Sidaway but as you can see we weren't doing very well!


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