The Market Square

After the dancing was over we went through Penniless Porch, into the Square.
It was still busy, the skateboarders were looking very cool.
I suddenly saw what looked like a spaceman!
It was Colin Prescott the hot air balloonist.

His partner Andy Elson lives in Wells, Colin had come down so that they could both meet the Queen and tell her about their record attempt
He explained about QinetiQ 1.
It's the largest manned helium balloon in history and they are going to attempt to set a record and fly their balloon up to 40,234 metres which will take them right to the edge of space!!!
The balloon is seven times higher than Nelson's column and 400 times larger than a normal hot air balloon.

I thought it sounded quite an adventure and wished I had time to join them, I asked him to give Aunt Lucy a wave from the flight deck of the balloon.

But next to Colin was an enormous something , I wasn't sure what it was.
Then the children explained to me it was the Globe carnival float.
Every November in Wells the streets are lit up by thousands of light bulbs from the carnival floats that travel to different places in Somerset.

You sometimes have to stand absolutely still on them for up to two hours!

I climbed up to have a look, you can see by the size of my friends how high up it is.


When I looked round there was a smartly dressed man in a big pirate hat and a green coat.

He told me he was Len Sweales - the Town Crier- he normally shouts in a very loud voice!

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