I woke up bright and early, and found someone had left me some breakfast.

So I thought I might as well eat it in bed!

My friends told me today I was going to help the Infant school next door learn the Jubilee dance.

Before that Luke offered me a chance of a ride on his skateboard.

He has been chosen to give a half pipe skateboarding demonstration for the Queen on Thursday.

So I got on his deck and tried out a few ollies, kickflips, noseslide and tailslides.


He needed a little help as we whizzed across the playground we were traveling a bit too fast for bears!

That's how I found out wellies aren't very good for skateboarding and as Luke pointed out I should really wear a proper hat like his, its the sensible thing to do.

Something else very exciting happened to me today.

Look at this photograph and see if you can guess what happened.

Aren't these the coolest PJ's for PB you have ever seen!
Jackie who works at our school made them just for me. So with my very own four poster bed as well, I am the smartest bear in Wells.

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