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  'During my week at Wentworth, I was invited to two picnics - one with Class 1 and the other with Reception Class. We had lots of fun getting things ready and everyone remembered the marmalade sandwiches!

In Class 1 some children designed a party menu using the computer. This is what we had:

marmalade sandwiches
jam sandwiches
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip cakes
(because it is doughnut week)
apple slices


  Everyone brought his or her favourite bear and I was very polite. I said 'Good afternoon' and raised my hat to all of them. Class 1 sang a special song to me that they had been practising called 'Paddington's Picnic' (to the tune of Teddy Bear's Picnic):
If you go into Class 1 today you're in for a big surprise
If you go into Class 1 today you'll hardly believe your eyes
For every bear that ever they had
Is gathered there together and glad
Today's the day they're having
A Paddington Picnic
  Some children had been working hard with Mrs. Pountney to make some games for us to
play. Six children had designed some marmalade pots using paint pots so we could play
Hunt the Pot. We took turns to hide them and look for them. If you weren't close to the hidden pot we shouted 'jam' but if you got close we shouted 'marmalade'.
  Next we played 'Paddington Says'. It's a little bit like 'Simon Says' but I was in charge. Finally we played 'Pin the Hat and Boots on Paddington'. Everyone took turns to be blindfolded and had a go. I was judge and I gave everyone a prize - jelly bears!
  On Thursday, I went up to the school field for a picnic with Reception Class and more marmalade sandwiches! We sat under a tree for our picnic in the shade. Miss Burke brought some lovely things to eat and her best tablecloth!

Next we had lots of different races. Can you see me Miss Bamforth?

When we got back to school, we just had time to play pass the parcel. Guess who's in charge again?