In and around Wentworth
Paddington's village snapshot

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  When I visited Wentworth, I found out that it is a very old village.

It was listed in the Domesday Book as 'Winteworth'.

My first stop was the village shop - to stock up on marmalade of course

  The first school in Wentworth was opened in 1716 but the school building where I stayed dates back to 1835.

The children told me that one head mistress, Miss Hoyland, who lived in Victorian times, was 104 when she died. Another headmistress lived in the school - in the cellar and in the loft!
  From the school you can see the old church. It is about 800 years old. There is also a new church that I passed on the way to the school field when we went for games. It is very grand but it is still over 100 years old.

During the week I found out lots more about Wentworth. The Fitzwilliam family owned the houses and the village, but the last Earl died about fifty years ago.
  Most of the houses and buildings in Wentworth still belong to the Fitzwilliam Estate and they paint their doors green to show who they belong to. Green is also the colour of the school badge.

The Earls and their families lived in a big house called Wentworth Woodhouse. It is so big!

There were lots more interesting places
to visit around Wentworth
but here's one that I had to see -
the bear pit!