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Paddington at the Youth Club

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  Wentworth Youth Club has been running for seven years and lots of children from the school are members. Paddington came along to the Youth Club with some of Class 3. They helped to put together these images and comments but first, Paddington was made an honorary member - nice one Paddington!

  'Now I'm a member I need to chill out for the evening - get some streetwise gear, I think that's the phrase,' says Paddington hopefully. 'No problem.' Joshua comes up with the answer, 'Try this baggy T shirt and trousers.' 'You can have my baseball cap as well,' shouts Leo, 'but you must wear it back to front of course'. 'What about my boots?' 'Keep them on - they're cool'. Thumbs up from the boys.
  'Paddington if you're ready can you give a hand please?' asks Michele from the tuck shop.

'I'd be delighted,' answers Paddington (thinks….mmm need to stock up on some energy food myself)'.
  'We need some music,' says Emily, 'come on
Paddington, you'll make a great DJ!
Turn up the music and let's go….'

The girls certainly appreciated a cool bear to dance with!


Paddington was ready for a break…. perhaps it was time for the tuck shop again but….
everyone was ready to play some games.

'Let's play Twister,' says Kim. Whoops, there goes the boots!

'Maybe table tennis is more Paddington's game,' suggests Thomas. 'Not bad,' thinks Paddington, 'I'm getting to 'grips' with this one, what's next?'


'Pool?' 'Swimming, thinks Paddington - no that's on Friday, oh that kind of pool. Well I'll give it a try.'

Soon it's time to go home - but what an evening. 'You've gotta keep in touch,' says Charlotte. Paddington agrees - 'I'll just make a quick call to Aunt Lucy to let her know what I've been up to - then it's time for bed, I'm exhausted!'.