Find the Pairs Teachers' Notes

Find the Pairs is the traditional Pelmanism card game in electronic format. It can be played by one or two players (or teams).

In the two-player game, players take it in turns to click on 2 cards that are face down trying to match pairs. The cards are displayed and if they make a match the player wins that pair. If there is not a match, the cards are turned face down again and the other player has a turn. The winner is the player with the most pairs.

In the one-player game the player must try to match all of the cards in the minimum possible time.

The beauty of this electronic version is that the cards can be created by teachers or pupils and may thus be used across all areas of the curriculum. We have provided sample games covering:

-   Fractions
-   Welsh language learning
-   Geography - water features.
-   Maths - multiplication
-   Maths - addition and subtraction
-   Christmas

Instructions for creating your own games are provided in the downloadable version.

Fractions Pairs Games

These games cannot 'teach' fraction recognition, but give opportunities for practice and consolidation of knowledge. Two sets of ten games are provided. The first set involves recognition and naming of simple fractions of shapes and numbers and is aimed at children in Years 3 and 4. The second set, for Years 5 and 6, covers equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

The Y3/4 set of games involve the following pairings:
1  numbers - fractions of a square
2  words - fractions of a square
3  words - numbers
4  numbers - fractions of a circle
5  words - fractions of a circle
6  fractions of a square - fractions of a circle
7  words - fractions of a number
8  numbers - fractions of a number
9  fractions of a number - fractions of a circle
10  fractions of a number - fractions of a square.

The Year5/6 games are based on a different set of fractions and involve the following pairings:
1  fractions (numeric) - fractions of a shape
2  fractions (numeric) - equivalent fractions
3  fractions (numeric) - percentages
4  fractions (numeric) - decimals
5  fractions of a shape - equivalent fractions
6  fractions of a shape - percentages
7  fractions of a shape - decimals
8  equivalent fractions - percentages
9  equivalent fractions - decimals
10  percentages - decimals

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