Teachers' Notes
Photo Quiz

In this quiz children have to make decisions based upon visual evidence.

The ten photos, which span 80 years from about 1895 to 1975, contain 'clues' that should help your pupils to assign a date to them.

Before attempting the quiz children should have had experience of sequencing events and objects to develop a sense of chronology (KS1 1a) and they should be beginning to place events people and changes in the periods studied within a chronological framework. (KS2 1a)

It would be quite possible for children to complete this quiz simple by clicking on each possible date in turn. Children could be encouraged to work in pairs or in small groups and discuss their ideas. They might complete a record sheet similar to this.

Name Date

Describe the photo in detail

I think it was taken in … I think this because ...


By describing the photo in detail children are developing and extending their powers of observation, focusing on details that help to date the picture.

In the final column some children may write something like "… because it looks old." Or they may be more precise "… because the lady is wearing a long dress." To encourage precision like this you may want to add some prompts for example

  • Clothes
  • Hairstyle
  • Transport
  • Other

The following questions might also develop lines of enquiry.

  1. Why are there no photos before 1895?
  2. In what ways did fashion change between 1895 and 1930
  3. What is in the 1975 photo that the Victorian family would not have had in their home?
  4. Do photographs give a truer representation of their subjects than paintings?