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The Unton Inventories

QCA Primary History Unit 8 (Year 3/4)

What were the differences between the lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times?
One of the possible activities suggested in this unit is:
“Give the children an extract from an inventory of a Tudor house. Work through it with them, explaining words where necessary.”

The inventory of Sir Henry Unton's goods for both the properties of Wadley and Farringdon is primary source material that is rich in historical evidence. Children can be encouraged to make some deductions about the lives of the people who lived there in Tudor times from the nature of their belongings, particularly if comparisons can be drawn with the sorts of possessions from less wealthy houses.

These inventories are presented in their original language, with the values of the goods. A glossary of many of the terms is provided. Older pupils could be given the glossary and extracts from the inventory to transcribe in more modern English.

Downloadable documents in .rtf format:
Wadley Inventory
Farringdon Inventory

Other examples of Tudor inventories can be found at:

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