Music Activity Sheets

Based on ideas and materials by Melanie Pierson
Additional content from Ashley Compton, Bishop King Primary School, Lincoln

These musical activities revolve around a journey. A journey through change and contrast in sound and music.

There are five activities. Each activity could take place on its own or you can use them as a progression through different aspects of sound and music and of IT and music.

The journey itself could be based on many different types of journey, it could be one of the following, for example:

For our activities we are going to imagine that you are lost in the middle of a forest and that you have to find your way home. This is going to involve you in a journey battling your way through the forest, squelching through a muddy river bed, climbing over a mountain, trudging through a snow storm and then finally running home across the park.

The important criteria when choosing a story line for these activities is to look for contrast.

When working on the activities we are going to use contrast in rhythm, contrast in pitch, and contrast in sound.

ICT capability: Communicating and handling information.

Music capability: Use IT to explore and record sounds; control sounds; perform with others; compose; play pieces which have several parts; rehearse and present their own projects; use sounds to achieve an intended effect; refine and record their compositions.

Sheet 1: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (1): Collecting sounds
Sheet 2: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (2): Exploring sounds
Sheet 3: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (3): Writing a short story
Sheet 4: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (4): Writing a long story or song
Sheet 5: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (5): Finding ways of writing your sounds down