Music Activity Sheet 1

Title: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (1): Collecting sounds

Activity: To discover different sounds and rhythms that go with walking, running, marching, etc.

Resources: Tape recorder and blank tape; shoes and boots; Wellington boots; working boots with steel caps; trainers for running; ordinary shoes for walking; soft shoes for walking quietly; a gravel path, puddle, mud.
This activity can take place inside or outside, but the opportunities for collecting sounds are increased if you can do this outside. A gravel path is particularly useful as the sound of walking, running, or marching on gravel is greater than doing the same on a smooth path.

What to do: You might start this activity with some pictures of boot and shoes.
What sounds will heavy boots make?
What sort of sounds do you associate with a policeman's boots?
Can you describe someone in running shoes?

Then try making some of these sounds using the boots and shoes available.
Now record some of these on the tape recorder.
Listen to the recordings.
List the different sounds recorded.
Listen to each one again and under the headings write down words that describe the sounds.

This activity can take place as a whole class activity or in small groups.
If you are working in small groups then you need to have someone who is familiar enough with operating a tape recorder. It works well if you start with the whole class and then let small groups tackle the categorising task with a final opportunity to com-pare words and descriptions of the sounds as a whole class again.