Music Activity Sheet 2

Title: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (2): Exploring sounds

Activity: Finding out how to use classroom instruments or everyday objects to create the different 'journey' sounds.
How can changes in pitch, rhythm and sound be used to create the different stages of our journey?

Resources: Tape recorder; musical keyboard; classroom instruments; computer.

What to do: You first need to decide which of the list of sounds you want to explore. The list could be about the type of shoes or the terrain or some other criteria.
It is best if these are drawn from the first activity so that we can refer to the recordings and categories that we have already made.

For this example we will use the following:

There are lots of ways of making sounds and the different resources listed above can help to support this activity.

When looking for sounds like crunching on gravel, then the percussion instruments might help. When looking for atmospheric sounds like storm and rain, the keyboard might have some unusual sounds that suit.

When looking at how structure can be used, the computer with a program like Notate or Compose can help to explore fast and slow phrases, changes in tempo and use of different MIDI sounds.