Music Activity Sheet 3

Title: LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY (3): Writing a short story

Activity: Write a simple story about the journey, using just a few words and phrases. Add sound effects to the story drawn from the ideas in the first two activities.

Pen and paper
Classroom instruments
Compose computer program

What to do: Choose a suitable tune file for use with Compose. The 'Compose1'file has enough contrast to be suitable, but you might also try one of the others like 'Sporty'.
Play through the phrases looking for ones that suit the mood of the journey and looking for words to go with them.

Fighting our way  

through the forest

You can add the words either as sung to the rhythm of the phrases or as spoken as the phrases play, or as a rap.

When you have a story with phrases and words you can add to the performance with other sounds. These can be using the percussion and keyboard sounds from the earlier activity or the recordings from the first task.