Fuzz Buzz - Level 2: Books 7, 8 and 9

Reviewed by Emma Bell
Special Needs Support Assistant
Cantrell Primary and Nursery School, Bulwell, Notts
This review first appeared in the MAPE Newsletter Spring 2001

The program reviewed is on CD-ROM A. CD-ROM B supports the vocabulary for Books 10, 11 and 12.
Price: Each CD costs 49 for a single user licence and an extra 10 for an additional user. It is also available for the home market costing 20 for either PC or Mac versions.
'Fuzzbuzz Level 2 has twenty fun and motivating activities, with the important facility for record keeping to monitor pupils' progress. It is an extremely useful and important piece of software for pupils who need a tightly structured reading programme'
Granada Learning website

I have used this program with individual children alongside their reading books and found it a useful tool. The graphics are bright and stimulating, bringing the books to life.
The children are able to work independently on most of the activities after brief instruction. The computer skills needed to work through the programmes are basic and therefore don't cause a problem.
I particularly like the differing levels for each of the activities becoming more complex as the children progress and gain in confidence. Being able to choose different words for some of the activities means you can tailor them to suit individual children.
Table-top games such as matching pairs, both picture and word, and a combination of both are brilliant, but on the computer it reaches a higher level of the extraordinary! The children can listen to the verbal instructions which are clear and concise.
I have used some of the initial sound games as one-offs with children who are not using Fuzz Buzz and they have found it beneficial. As the accompanying booklet says, revision exercises are more fun and have been enjoyed by children in Year 3 doing basic phonic work.
I would not have used this program if I had not been asked to review it and I would have missed out on a useful resource.

Fuzz Buzz - Level 2: Books 7, 8 and 9
Level: KS1, KS2, Special Needs, Scottish 5-14, levels A-C
Publisher: Granada Learning, Quay Street,
Manchester M60 9EA
Tel: 0161 827 2927; 0161 827 2966
or see the Granada Learning website: http://www.granada-learning.com/school/catalog/jsps/product.jsp?product=252
Age: 5-12 years
Platforms: PC, Mac
Networkable: Yes


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