The Internet in School (2nd ed.)

Author: Duncan Grey
Publisher: Continuum Books

Reviewed by Mary Lou Thornbury
This review first appeared in the MAPE Newsletter Spring 2002

This book addresses those in schools who are responsible for children's and teachers' use of the Internet. There is a great deal of practical advice and Duncan Grey manages to clarify many of the management decisions, especially the ethical decisions, involved in setting up systems which access the Internet. Obstacles to Internet use are dealt with early in the book and are followed by useful sections on choosing browsers and setting up an Intranet.
This book was written out of experience in a secondary school. However, the advice about children using e-mail or on making policies and guidelines for 'acceptable use' would be useful to ICT coordinators in primary education. There are suggestions about expanding the Internet experience of teachers with low technology skills and some suggestions for the way projects can be tackled using the Internet as a resource. A useful chapter on research skills outlines an approach to teaching 'finding out' and another deals with publishing on the Internet. I enjoyed the asides and jargon-free style. The Internet in School would be a useful reference source for the ICT manager.