Using ICT in Primary Science Teaching

Jenny Byrne and Jane Sharp
pp 69
Learning Matters (

Reviewed by Heather Govier

At first sight I was not very impressed. The book is slim, the print is small and there are no illustrations. But then I read it. It is good - both as a general introduction and as a source book for ideas definitely worth getting the reading glasses out for.

Using ICT in Primary Science Teaching feels as though it has been developed from course materials and the stated target audience is teachers in training or NQTs. However it would be of interest to any teacher looking to enhance science teaching through the use of computers and other ICT equipment. There is a very thorough general introduction, which offers a multitude of good reasons for using ICT in science and the two main chapters provide many detailed examples. There are sections on management and resources, a useful index and reading list and an Appendix listing more than 50 further ideas. I shall keep my copy to hand mainly for this.