Numeracy Complete

Reviewed by Sally Smith
IT Co-ordinator at Phoenix Infant School, Nottingham

This review first appeared in MAPE Focus on Maths Autumn 1999

Numeracy Complete is a program that aims to provide a complete planning and recording package for the daily mathematics lesson and to reduce the time spent by teachers on paperwork. It was developed by a teacher and programmer and so meets many of the needs of primary teachers. The program centres on five key areas:

Study Groups. These are the groups of children you teach. It can be groups within your class, or larger groups such as a year group.

Objectives. These are the objectives taken from the National Numeracy strategy and are referenced back to the document. The program keeps a record of the objectives you have covered and shows objectives still to be covered.

Study Units. These are units of work you devise by dragging objectives into the unit and adding notes of activities or materials you plan to use. You can then put these into a weekly plan under the headings Oral and Mental, Whole Class, Group Work, and Plenary. Though there is no heading for key vocabulary this could be entered in the notes section. Study units can then be shared with other schools by visiting the Skills Factory web site.

The school plan. This brings the study units and groups together and shows what will be taught to whom, and when. It gives a plan of the school year and shows the date and duration of each study unit.

Attainment. The program records the planned progress of groups and individuals and the actual progress. This information is displayed graphically.

Although this initially seems an awkward way of planning, it soon fits together to make sense and makes planning easier, as well as saving time recording objectives, so the time spent setting up the program for your class is well spent. Children's achievements, both individual and group, are recorded and well presented, as well as allowing space for individual notes. The program relates well to the Numeracy Strategy and simplifies the suggested planning formats, whilst holding considerable amounts of information.

For more details contact:
The Skills Factory, 11 Bridge Street, Uppermill, Oldham, OL3 6HZ
or visit their website:
which includes examples from the program and from Literacy Complete which does the same for the Literacy Strategy as Numeracy Complete does for Numeracy Strategy.

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