Identifying fruits and interpreting graphs with Year 1 children

Caroline Ogden
Hallifield Infant School
This article first appeared in MAPE Focus on Science Autumn 2000

The idea was to find out which fruit the children already knew and then teach them the names of the others. I worked with a group of Year 1 EAL children.

Everyone had a copy of a grid with the names of the fruit and we went through it to make sure that they knew what each word said. The children then ticked the name of the fruit if they knew it as I held it up. They drew the fruit in the table and we made the graph to show the results. Then they then tried to identify the fruits by touch and we made another graph. We discussed the results and talked about the fruit. Then we ate the fruit!

We used this table when we identified the fruit.

Then we drew them.


It was a nice lesson and the children enjoyed it and making the graphs. We looked at the graphs and I asked questions and they had to find the answers from the graph. Then we thought up some questions for the rest of the class.

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