Environmental Activity Sheet 3

Title: Raising funds by collecting aluminium cans

Activity: Many schools collect aluminium cans either to boost school funds or for charity. Using a spreadsheet would make the task easier and also allow predic-tions to be made and targets to be set.

Resources: Cans
a spreadsheet program, e.g. Grasshopper, Starting Grid/Excel, Advantage

What to do: Set up the spreadsheet as follows:


Collecting aluminium cans
Week   No. of cans Weight of cans Price paid
September 8th 160 5.12 2.15
  15th 167 5.34 2.24
  22nd 230 7.36 3.09
  29th 148 4.74 1.99
Totals   705 22.56 9.48

This is based on: 1 can = 0.032 kg (formula: C4*.032) price paid =42p per kg (formula: D4*42) From this the children can:

Extension activities:

The children then form questions that lead to hypotheses and the creation of a database using appropriate field names. Questions can then be asked leading to higher order searching and sorting of information.

Children could also:
Trace a piece of litter from the place where it was found to its source. Present the 'story' through a multimedia authoring program eg Hyperstudio, Illuminatus.
Collect the 'junk mail' that comes to the house. Sort it using a variety of criteria. These activities can have real value in that they could lead to a positive change in people's behaviour.

IT Capability: Handling Information level 2 or 3. Level 4 and 5 can be achieved with more complex lines of enquiry.