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Star Punc presents children with a text passage in which the punctuation marks have been replaced by boxes. The missing punctuation marks are displayed at the side. A punctuation mark is picked up by clicking on it. It can then be carried to the appropriate box. A second click drops it.

A positioned punctuation mark can be picked up again and moved to a different location. If there is already a punctuation mark there, the two are swapped. Punctuation marks can be removed correctly by dropping them in the  Punc Bin.

A 'check' button highlights correctly-placed punctuation marks in green, and wrong ones in red.

There is a 'reward' when all the punctuation marks have been positioned correctly.

The Files Creator allows you to create your own files.

It is should be emphasized to children that they are reproducing the punctuation used by the author of each passage because there will be instances where more than one punctuation mark could be used. Just because the child's choice is rejected does not mean that they are wrong.

It should also be pointed out that, to some extent, punctuation is a matter of taste. Both of these sentences, for example, are correctly punctuated:

With my eyes closed I jumped in the pool.
With my eyes closed, I jumped in the pool.