Creating Star Punc Files

Before you start
There are two steps to follow before you create a Star Punc file.

Firstly, you need to load a text editor to save the HTML files which will be created.

Secondly, you must create a folder in which to store your files.
This folder, which can have any name you like, must be inside the "starpunc" folder.

There is already a "files" folder in the worddrop folder. Your folder will be beside it.
If you are creating a large number of files you may want to create several folders to hold your files.

Creating a file
1. Enter a title at the top of the form on the left. (This will be displayed as the heading to your text.)

2. Type in the text including the punctuation. Begin each sentence (other than the first) with a lower-case letter if the check box is ticked. (See 3.)
If you use double quotes (" ") for quotation marks, these will be converted into opening and closing quotes ().
If you want to highlight a word with single quotes, type in ^ '. This will be displayed as sq2.gif (113 bytes).

3. If you click the check box at the bottom; whenever a full stop is inserted, the next letter will automatically be changed to upper case. This means that you must follow each full stop with a lower-case letter.
    I live here You live there
    I live here you live there
As a capital letter is not always required after an exclamation mark or question mark (e.g. "Are you there?" she asked.) you must add your own capital if it is needed.

4. When you have finished, press the  button. A short HTML file will be displayed.

5. Select all the text in the HTML file (by pressing Ctrl+A or by dragging the mouse over the text, or by using the Edit menu).

6. Copy the text to the clipboard (Ctrl+C or Copy option on the menu).

7. Paste the text into your text editor (Ctrl+V or Paste option on the menu).

8. Save the file from your text editor into the folder where you are storing the files. The filename must have an htm extension e.g. mystery.htm to ensure that it will run in your browser.

Checking the file
Load the file into your browser to check that it works properly. If no images are displayed on the page, you have not saved the file in the correct folder.