Making a Star Punc Menu

You have four files stored in a folder called "history".
The filenames are: "monarchs.htm", "battles.htm", "inventions.htm" and "explorers.htm".

You want the menu
to look like this:
Kings & Queens
Wars & Battles
Famous Explorers

This is how you would complete the form:

Name of folder . . .

Menu data . . .

Creating the file
1. When you have completed the form, press .
A short HTML file will be displayed.

2. Select all the text in the HTML file (by pressing Ctrl+A or by dragging the mouse over the text, or by using the Edit menu).

3. Copy the text to the clipboard (Ctrl+C or Copy option on the menu).

4. Paste the text into your text editor (Ctrl+V or Paste option on the menu).

5. Save the file from your text editor into the "starpunc" folder. The filename must have an htm extension e.g. history.htm to ensure that it will run in your browser.

Checking the file
Load the file into your browser to check that it works properly.
If no images are displayed on the page, make sure you have saved the file in the "starpunc" folder.
If clicking on the menu does not load the files, check that you entered the folder name and filenames correctly.